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operating. charles payne is here, and dennis kucinich says, not quite. dennis, congressmon, are they justified in. >> i am not for more tax increases. the money is wasted on war and trade deficits. but the fact in 1979 -- talk about jimmy carter -- until 2007. the top 1% has scene its income grow by by 281%, and the middle% their income has green by 25%. so if they're paying more in taxes it's because they're making more, and i'm speaking of -- >> neil: so that a reflection of just fact. not -- okay. what too you make of this? >> when that report -- i find the report to be disengine reduce. the enfor instance it's the same 1% in 1979 are the same 1% now -- some have died. >> hogging the money. houston about the little kids who drew up poor and then sign a contract with the nfl for 180 million. now he is in the top 1%. guess what. his number is skewed. that type of stuff is twicesive and is tee destroying the country because it's mean spirited in nature. >> neil: i'm ticked about the rates as a total percentage. >> top 1% -- >> neil: they also to to the top 5, 10, 20%. >> lo
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and tell you that fundamentals are changing as a whole across the nation are as misdenged as dennis rodman, bus we all know the facts are the facts. the unemployment rate is still very high. gdp is struggling at 0.1%. we're barely growing. >> neil: this disconnect, november withstanding maybe friday as well, between wall street and main street, why is that? why that he market been doing so well if things look so bad? >> because we have our friend, ben bernanke printing money like at it going out of style. making cyprus look like a weak country. the return on the bond goes down. the people that save money to retire are getting hit. but guess what happened? the money has to go somewhere. it goes into stocks because that's the only place it's going up. >> neil: scott, very much. scott falls these markets better than most folks i know. >>> turns out the gov was right. a legal immigrant furlough thing is a mess. now, jan brow irstopped short of calling the white house a bunch of liars. i'm not into sure my next guest will show the discrimination it's time to call in the sheriff. time to call in
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in dennis rodman during this period. >> and carmen electra. >> and kim the younger. >> that's a scary threesome. >> shepard: we're so fortunate this is friday, aren't we? we're out. i don't know what we're going to do tonight. >>> thank you, shep. well, cutting it close, but washington maybe, maybe both sides now trying to cut the crap. we can cut back. why can't you? >>> welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. happy friday. and if we can deal with 2% less in our paychecks, why the heck can't washington cut that much from its spending. most of us have had to adjust to athat payroll tax by tightening our belts. politicians bemoaning the sequestratiosequestration cuts. here's the deal. take a page from your constituents and just deal. they're not. >> it's pretty simple. everyone watching the snow has felt a tremendous amount of pain over the last several years. millions, five mill yop, six million people lost their home. real income. forget about inflation adjusted. real income down 4 or 5 thousand dollars. eight million people have left the job market. there's not 2% fat that can be cut i
spent and committed to infrastructure. the daily caller and former democratic congressman dennis kucinich here to sort this out. congressman to you first. if i had a dime for every time i heard politicians talk about the infrastructure, i would have a lost dimes. we could have built a bridge to oz, right? what happened to all the money we already committed? >> well, keep in mind that america has two trillion dollars and more of infrastructure needs that haven't been met. we have to keep rebuilding infrastructure. it's essential to commerce. >> neil: i understand that. we've always had tolls and gas tax. >> listen. i agree with you when you went down the whole list, okay, but just imagine if on top of that people started to have to pay tolls to private operators which, frankly, is what the obama administration is advancing in their plan for infrastructure. >> neil: no. i understand that. you're not a fan of that apart from your democratic breath ren. what the heck happened to all the money we committed already? that's what worries abou me abot committing good money after bad. >> i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6